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  Sat Sep 19, 2020

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Songs and Artists

Independent musicians are showing support for the upcoming launch of by letting us provide select songs for FREE download.

We receive emails almost every day from musicians and fans showing support for Musicians are offering samples of their music and their fans are responding by downloading everything that we make available. Join in the fun and excitement by either offering music to your fans or by supporting your favorite musicians.

Please show your support for these wonderful musicians by visiting their web sites and purchasing their music.

Christian Music Entertainment Group is dedicated to providing the best selection of Christian music in modern media formats at an affordable price.

Christian Music Entertainment Group recently purchased,, and We are dedicated to offering Christian Music in modern formats including MP3, CDs and more.

Christian Music Entertainment Group is a Minnesota company located in St. Paul, MN. We are currently in the development stages of creating a full service Christian Music store on the Internet.

For more information about Christian Music Entertainment Group please contact us via email.

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